We’ve been in business for 7 years now and what started as a small local furniture restoration and conservation business has grown into quite a conglomerate! We tried to organize all of our products in a way so that you can find what you’re looking for and can get a sense of the scope of all our offerings.

We started selling furniture locally because our restoration customers were completely dissatisfied with their options at the big furniture Mega-Stores. We went searching for small, family-owned companies that still knew how to make great furniture and didn’t just rely on their name recognition. (We’re still a Factory Authorized Warranty Claim Center for most of the mega brands and we’ve seen all the little sins they are trying to hide and the direction their quality is going.) In January of 2001, we put up our first website and things took off. As it turns out, lots of people are sick and tired of particle board and being lied to.

So here we are now, on the fourth generation of our website, hundreds of thousands of products, a great and growing staff, awards and recognition, and lots and lots of loyal customers. All we’ve ever tried to do is treat people right and make sure that we told them the truth. That’s the way I was raised and those are the kind of folks that work at Built To Last. We do lots of things that raise eyebrows in the business community, but there’s no arguing with our record.

You can ask any of the manufacturers listed on our site about us, they’ll tell you that we grill them with questions! We want to know everything about the materials, the joints, the finish, the inspection process, the warranties, even the packing. That way we can answer your questions and you can be sure of what you are getting. We think our website provides more information than you’re going to find anywhere else about these products. So go ahead, ask a hard one. We know about this stuff.

But you’re still asking yourself, “Can I really order something like furniture over the Internet? What if something goes wrong?” Well, we do this all the time and our very first concern is to make sure you don’t lose sleep over it. We’ll talk you through the intial decisions, arrange for the deposit, send you out a signed contract and follow up with you before, during and after shipment. We can’t guarantee that there won’t be a problem with shipping. We CAN guarantee that we’re going to get it straightened out.

As for payment, we accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Checks, Money Orders and even Wire Transfers. We REALLY, REALLY recommend that you pay by credit card. It costs us more, but it’s one extra way to make you feel safe about the whole transaction. I know, I know … you don’t usually hear that from furniture stores – but we’re not your average furniture store. By the way, our feeling about that transcends us, too. Don’t buy made-to-order furniture from ANYBODY if they will ONLY take a check. No matter how good the price, it’s not worth the risk.

This new website is our continued expansion on the idea that maybe we can pull into one location everything a person could need to fill an entire home with nothing but products that are “Built To Last.” We give preference to quality-built, high-value Made In USA products. We don’t think you’ll ever go wrong by buying quality once, rather than buying the “bargain” product four or five times. But please don’t think we do it out of some disdain for imported products across the board. In fact, I’m really proud of our new department, Built To Last World , because it is filled with really great products from Fair Trade sources all over the world. All (100%) of profits from that department return to fund micro-enterprise lending, training and eduction in those target countries. We’re full-out, unashamed capitalists – but we understand our responsibility to the larger community and we believe in the power of self-sufficiency and individual initiative to reverse poverty and dependency. So we do sell imported products, but only from sources we know and were we can be sure people are being treated well and paid equitably. That way I can sleep at night knowing there are no sweat-shops, child or prison labor associated with our products.

I’m sure you have other questions, but just go ahead, pick up the phone and let’s talk it through. If you have a question no one else can answer, ask for me. You have my personal assurance that we’re going to treat you with respect and in an honest, straight-forward, old-fashioned kind of way.