Three groups benefit from HOMEBUILT product lines.  Homeowners benefit from dramatically reduced costs – by self-build or the reduction of external labor costs simply due to the speed and simplicity of the kits – as well as from the pride and satisfaction of knowing they picked the design, were involved (completely or partially) in the construction, and that they understand and have documentation for every single detail of their home.  Non-profit and volunteer organizations benefit similarly from the same reduced costs, as well as the ability to take much greater advantage of volunteers, who themselves will appreciate the richer, more complete experience of learning to and actually building nearly all parts of a construction project.  Finally, professional contractors, also benefiting from the reduced cost, are able to focus their tradespeoples’s time on those aspects of the building project they prefer to concentrate on, staffing the assembly of the kitted portions with junior staff.  In this way, HOMEBUILT kits enable the professional homebuilder to seamlessly take on more projects, with a greater variety of scales and budgets, while simultaneously taking the guess work out of material and labor estimates.