Whether you’re building your HOMEBUILT project or have been enjoying the fruits of your HOMEBUILT labor for years, we are here to help.  While we’ve spared no effort to make the instructions and the kits as clear as possible, sometimes you just get stuck.  Perhaps you’ve misplaced a part (happens to the best of us!), or maybe the wind blew away your instructions.  Whatever the case, give us a call.  If you need a new part, we’ll ship it to you immediately.  If you need us to walk you through a step, we’re happy to get on the phone.  If you’re really stuck, and you need one of us to swing by and give you a hand, we can do that for a reasonable fee.  Whatever the case, we want to make sure that the building experience is seamless and enjoyable.  However, the construction is only the first step of homeownership, and so our support of your HOMEBUILT project also continues well past your first night in your new home.  The digital version of your entire project is kept and maintained in a secure server at HOMEBUILT.  If you ever have a question (“What circuit is that light on again?”) or want to make a change (“Wouldn’t it be nice to add a door directly into the home office?”), we’ll be here to look up your design in our system or send you a renovation kit specific to your house.  Homes are living, changing things, and we want to help all along the way.