The Small Gable


Why such a plain name?  There are two reasons:  First, we want to be honest and straight-forward -  beautiful design is of course a supremely important goal for us, but so is simplicity.  Second, this is your kit, your building.  You name it whatever you'd like, and we'd very much appreciate your letting us know what that is!

Beyond the name, the design of this product is made to be clear, precise.  Why is something like this what a child draws when asked to draw a house?  It's not because this is what all the houses around her look like.  If you pay attention, there are very few pure gable houses around - at least not any more.  But the straight gable is historically the wheelhouse of home designs for many cultures and climates.  It sheds snow and rain extremely efficiently.  It allows for a high, open ceiling with few columns or interior walls.  And, as chicken-and-egg as this may be, it just says "home", plain and simple.  

Presently, The Small Gable kit ships with all structural components (joists, studs, rafters, plywood, etc.) and all exterior finishes (options available).  Plumbing and electrical systems, as well as insulation and interior finishes, will be included in the kit VERY SOON (with an upgrade discount for existing Small Gable customers!).  But for now, the kit will get you a strong, dry space to keep as a rustic getaway or to finish like a micro Versailles.  It's all up to you!

Product Facts:

Price:  starting at $3,500 + shipping & taxes

Exterior Dimensions:  10' x 12' x 14' (height)
Doors:  1 (artisanal Horizontal Pine)
Windows: 2 (Anderson 100 Series vinyl awning & single-hung)
Exterior Wall Finish:  Board & Batten Pine + optional Corrugated Steel
Roofing:  Asphalt Shingles or optional Corrugated Steel
Interior Floor Finish: Plywood Subfloor (unfinished)
Interior Wall Finish:  N/A
Ceiling Finish: N/A  



small gableHow can I buy or learn more?

The Small Gable is currently only available in New England.  If you would like to learn more, please fill out the form below, and we'll promptly contact you to answer your questions and discuss options, pricing, and shipping costs to your area.

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