Why such a plain name?  There are two reasons:  First, we want to be honest and straight-forward -  beautiful design is of course a supremely important goal for us, but so is simplicity.  Second, this is your kit, your building.  You name it whatever you'd like, and we'd very much appreciate your letting us know what that is!

Beyond the name, the design of this product is made to be clear, precise.  Why is something like this what a child draws when asked to draw a house?  It's not because this is what all the houses around her look like.  If you pay attention, there are very few pure gable houses around - at least not any more.  But the straight gable is historically the wheelhouse of home designs for many cultures and climates.  It sheds snow and rain extremely efficiently.  It allows for a high, open ceiling with few columns or interior walls.  And, as chicken-and-egg as this may be, it just says "home", plain and simple.  

The Small Gable kit comes in a variety of configurations, from just the framing to everything including all windows, doors, finishes, lighting, electrical, plumbing, toilet, bath vanity, etc.  You pick what parts of you kit you want us to send you, and when you want them sent.  We'll make sure everything is DIY ready, including pre-drilled holes for screws/nails, numbered/interlocking parts, and a custom, image-based manual for your configuration.

Product Facts:

Price:  $3,500 for full structure, up to $18,000 for everything (incl. bathroom, interior finishes, heat, and central AC) above the foundation

Exterior Dimensions:  10' x 12' x 14' (height)
Door:  Steel Ext. Door w/ Keyed Deadbolt
Windows: Anderson All-Vinyl Windows
Exterior Wall Finish:  Engineered Wood Composite Siding and optional Corrugated Steel Siding
Roofing:  Asphalt Shingles or optional Corrugated Steel
Interior Floor Finish: Laminate Wood Flooring
Interior Wall Finish:  Drywall
Cathedral Ceiling Finish: Drywall

(Please note that kits do not include foundation, which would be very difficult to ship!  But there are lots of very easy, inexpensive options for this.  Feel free to contact us for more details.)

Please click image for larger view.

Please note:  Because foundations and decks are best designed and built to fit your building site, they are not included in Homebuilt kits.  However, we would be more than happy to help you pick the best options for each of these, based on your needs and site.

small gable:  What's included in the full kit

While it's up to you what aspects of your project you get from Homebuilt and when you get it, the complete kit includes everything above the foundation that isn't easily removed.  This includes:

Framing & Sheathing

Windows & Door

Roofing & Waterproofing

Siding and Trim

Heat & AC Unit

Hot Water Heater

Electrical Panel, Wiring, Etc.

Lights, Outlets, and Switches

Plumbing Pipes & Connections

Bathroom Sink, Faucet, Toilet

Bathroom Fan

Insulation & Drywall

Interior Trim

Toilet Paper Holder

small gableHow can I buy or learn more?

The Small Gable is currently only available in the Northeast.  If you would like to learn more, included detailed configuration and pricing, please:


We'll promptly contact you to answer your questions and discuss options, pricing, and shipping costs to your area.