Homebuilt is all about taking control of your home.  But sometimes, that home is already built. 

We constantly here stories like:


"I want to add a closet in my apartment, but I don't own (and don't want to buy) the arsenal of tools needed to build it.  I just want the closet."

"I really need to build a baby nursery QUICKLY, but we can't have saw/insulation/drywall dust in the air."

"I went to a building supply store and only later learned I came home with less than I needed of one thing, more than I needed of another, and a receipt for double what my little project should have cost."

"I have such a small project needed inside my home that no builder I trust is willing to take on the job."

"I know I can do the work myself, but I just don't want to make a mistake."


Homes (or condos, or apartments) are living, breathing things.  Over time, walls need to be added, doors removed, closets built.  Often, these projects are so small that they aren't worth hiring contractors for.  Sometimes the total cost of materials is less than the cost of the new tools needed to put the materials together.  And it's always crucial that the work doesn't interfere with the life, health, and safety of you and your family (or roommates, or cat). 

We can help.

Very soon, Homebuilt will be introducing a service that turns your small project into convenient mini-kits of all materials needed to build that wall (or closet, or bedroom), including a detailed, picture-based instruction manual, specific to your project.  You'll be done before you ever find that toolbelt you bought five years ago!

Homebuilt renovationsHow can I learn more?

The Escape is currently available on a limited, case-by-case basis in the northeast quarter of the United States (Virginia to Maine).  If you would like to learn more or talk to us about your project, please: