Some of the benefits for professional builders are:

  • Building for clients who could otherwise not afford your services

  • Building multiple homes at once with no additional oversight

  • Further establishing status as innovation leader in your area

  • Profitably building energy-efficient homes without additional training

  • Profitably address the Tiny Home wave sweeping the US

  • Greater profits with far less risk

  • Dramatically less time per project

  • Far lower accident risk as there is no cutting/sawing on site

  • Profitably building in areas that would otherwise be too far away

  • Training and greater utilization of entry-level staff

  • Reduced down time on builds and between projects

Homebuilt kits can include as much or as little of pre-cut materials that you or the client wants: from framing-only to absolutely everything above the mud sill.  The means that you and your client can decide exactly how you want to build the home.  Either way, we will always be there for support, whether on-site, on the phone, or even providing additional or replacement pre-cut materials on-the-fly if the design changes or grows along the way.

In the end, you'll have built not only a home, but also a relationship with a client who you might not otherwise have been able to serve, and in an area that might not otherwise have been profitably accessible to your company.


The first step in becoming a Homebuilt Pro Builder partner is to figure out in what ways your company is willing to, and would most benefit from, partnering on projects.  Please click the link below to find a questionnaire that can help us to work together.