We believe that an enormous amount of pride, sense of ownership, and understanding of the built environment can come from average people having a much more empowered involvement in the construction and/or modification of their and their neighbors’ homes.  Further, many projects (including some modest-cost, full-sized houses) are too small for skilled trades-people to take on.  And, for many families, buying an existing home is simply not economically possible - self-build or volunteer-build can bridge the economic gap by dramatically reducing costs.

We founded the company on four principals:  People can and want to do things for themselves and their neighbors; they simply need the means to do so.  Doing things for ourselves and our neighbors makes us at once proud and humble, independent and neighborly.  Making something of quality that will outlive you by generations is a way that we can all have a positive impact on people we’ll never get the chance to meet.  And finally, helping others is more important than helping ourselves.