You just built your own home.  (why stop there?)

Homebuilt is proud to partner with AtFAB in bringing their award-winning furniture to our community.  AtFAB furniture fuses traditional wood joinery, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and modern, stunningly beautiful design.  Each item is made-to-order by Homebuilt and shipped flat to save on shipping costs and carbon emissions.  Don't put your cordless screwgun away yet... take a moment to furnish your new home - yourself!


every AtFAB piece is designed by Anne Filson and Gary Rohrbacher


Lexington, Kentucky.

Cat in the Bag ii Low Table

Reaching out in four directions, the Cat in Bag has a curious capacity for shaping space and drawing together the things around it. The Cat in Bag’s simple structural assembly yields the shape and forms a composition of flush, digitally crafted inlay onto the table surface. The piece shown here is ideal for a typical living room arrangement.
35" wide x 33" deep x 11 3/4" high


Open Cabinet

Since your things aren’t generic, your storage shouldn’t be either. The Open Cabinet is subdivided into a scaled array of cells that transform the storage of things into a curated display. As more of our possessions are stored digitally, the few things we still collect need proper accommodation. 
60" wide x 15" deep x 60" high


One to Several Table

Featured in the March 2014 issue of Make Magazine, the AtFAB One to Several Table’s torsion box construction makes an extremely strong, stable, lightweight table that works equally well as a Maker Bench or Dining Table. Its rotationally symmetrical canted legs provide further stability, while giving the table its dynamic, pre-animate stance. The structure’s flush interlocking joinery, enabled by precise CNC cutting, serves as decorative marquetry on the table surface.


Monkey Table

The Monkey has a rotationally symmetrical bearing on tapered, walking arms and legs. The version shown here is a box of five compartments sized for your keys, wallet, iPhone, and the other small accessories.


5-30 Minute Chair

This is the AtFAB piece that started it all.  The chair was recently acquired by the Centre National des Arts Plastiques for their permanent collection and exhibited in “Oracles du Design” at la Gaite Lyriqe in Paris through August 2015.


Bedside Table

The Beside Table started with a simple idea to assemble 11 flat parts in a way that makes them appear as a solid, carved volume. The table’s single commodious compartment holds your night time reading or that extra remote, making it a useful piece to have beside you in any room of the house.


Bedside Table

Equally at home in a corner, along a wall, or at the center of a room, the Rotational Table is a box of boxes that serves as a side table or pedestal. Display your favorite things in the outward facing compartments, while storing wi-fi in the other. A dynamic composition of solid and void on cantilevered corners makes for a deceptively light table..


Note:  All AtFAB furniture comes precision cut and with detailed, illustrated instructions for assembly.  All fasteners are also included.  It's up to you whether you want to relish in its natural, raw beauty, or to sand and stain/paint your AtFAB pieces.  Either way, we know you'll love the results!