quick Facts:

Kit prices: $6,500 for full structure, up to $36,000 for everything (including appliances) above the foundation

Exterior Dimensions:  27' x 20' x 15' (height)

Conditioned Square Footage:  450 square feet

Full Kitchen, Full Bath (shower), 3 Closets, Exterior Storage Nook

Energy-efficient Heating, AC, and Hot Water

Energy-efficient Windows and Doors

Easily connect to power grid, existing house power, or solar panels

No sewage needs - includes Swedish-made Separaett composting toilet 

No oil, gas, or propane needs

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you're in control

Homebuilt's mission is to put you in control.  This extends beyond using innovation to make you able to build your own home or small building.  It's in the core of our business model.  Large builders, including modular and other prefab home companies, benefit enormously from what's called "just-in-time" purchasing.  Basically, it means locking in pricing early, and on a large and discounted quantity, but then basically paying as they go.  Our technology makes it possible for us to do the same for you.

While it all starts with the structural shell (lumber and plywood), from there you can add any optional kits you'd like - siding, roofing, windows, cabinetry, etc - up to everything you need to start living in your home (including appliances).  But, if you'd prefer to start small (maybe with just the shell, or just the shell and the roofing), that's all you pay for.  Then, a few weeks or even months down the road, you can pick up where you left off.  This allows you to keep your building site free of stuff you don't need right away, and it allows you to spread out costs, or even to pick and choose on the fly what work you want to build yourself or hire someone to do. 

Whether you want to go as fast as possible and do all the work yourself, or keep it slow, spread out the costs, and pick-and-chose what you do - you're in control.  Please fill out the sheet below for details on how the Escape kit can be broken up to fit your needs.

Homebuilt escapeHow can I buy or learn more?

The Escape is currently only available in the northeast quarter of the United States (Virginia to Maine).  If you would like to learn more, including receiving detailed information on specifications and pricing options, please:

We'll promptly contact you to answer your questions and get you started with the information you need.