Siding is not only the most outwardly visible feature of your home, it also helps keep water and pests from getting in.  The Homebuilt Cabin comes with multiple siding types, depending which size you pick.  Each of these materials is extremely durable, easy to install, and looks great!  

Just as important as the siding is what's underneath it.  The Cabin kit comes standard with Advantech ZipWall sheathing (the panels that attach to your studs and are covered by the siding).  This engineered Zip Wall system, especially combined with the included ZipTape seam sealer, is a water-repelling fortress surrounding your home.  In fact, after you install the Zip Wall, you'll wonder why you even need siding... but trust us, your home will be so much nicer with one or all of these siding choices!

While we've carefully designed where to use each of these siding materials on the Cabin, we are happy to work with you to make the exterior of your home reflect your personal tastes and the neighborhood in which you are building.

Like the siding, roofing protects your home (and you!) from rain, snow, and pests.  So, we've selected a lifetime shingle made by one of the most reputable roofing manufacturers in the country.  That being said, there's a lot more to roofing than its warranty - these architectural shingles create a beautiful, rich pattern of highlights and shadoes, highlighting the generous, steep gable roof on the Cabin.  

As with the walls, the Cabin kit includes the Advantech Zip system for roof sheathing (the wood panels that go above the rafters and are covered by the shingles).  Being native New Englanders, however, we take water and ice protection extremely seriously.  So, not only are all seams between the waterproof Zip panels covered with impenetrable Zip Tape, we've included enough Ice and Water Shield to cover the entire Cabin roof.  This thick, self-adhering rubber membrane will withstand the worst possible ice damns, and in a pinch, you could turn your house upside down and use the roof as the hull of a very tightly sealed boat!

You have a choice of a wide variety of roofing colors.  Please cycle through the images and start dreaming of how striking your Cabin's roof will look against a bright blue summer sky.