There exist more options for flooring than nearly any other building material. However, there are also clear reasons to pick one over the other. We recommend laminate flooring, and include it in the Cabin kit, for several reasons: First, it looks great and has a range of finishes that complement the Cabin’s warm, contemporary look.  It’s durable, even in kitchens and bathrooms. Installation is much easier with laminates than other flooring types. And, finally, laminate flooring is a great value, adding beauty without breaking the bank. While Homebuilt flooring kits come with all of the materials, fasteners, and adhesives you need to install the flooring yourself or hire someone to install it for you.

Browse the abundant finish and color choices below.  And, as with everything else in Homebuilt Kits, if you'd prefer to get your flooring somewhere else, we're happy to leave it out of your kit and deduct it from the price.  It's your home, and there's no need to compromise on what you really want. 

The kitchen is often the functional center of the home, so we believe it should be welcoming as well as functional. Both Cabin kitchens are designed for comfort and convenience, and are generously sized. The cabinetry combines beautiful, durable finishes and is designed to maximize storage.  We’ve selected Ikea cabinets because that company has a great reputation for producing cabinetry that is both beautiful and exceptionally easy to install, with a wide variety of sizes, features, and matching accessories. Their Sektion series is also highly modular, meaning you can easily swap shelves for drawers or solid doors for glass as your needs and tastes change over time.

As with all Homebuilt kits, the kitchen cabinetry includes every material needed to install the kitchen yourself, as well as looks that will make you want to show off your handiwork.