Kit prices: $9,980 for full structure, up to $47,600 for everything (see below) beyond the foundation

(Shipping included for most of the North East US.)

Exterior Dimensions:  25' x 15' x 17' (height)

Conditioned Square Footage:  725 to 900 square feet (depending on version)

Full Kitchen, Full Bath (shower), 1.5 Stories (depending on version)

Energy-efficient Heating, AC, and Hot Water

Energy-efficient Windows and Doors, including 10 foot, quad-sliding doors

Easily connect to power grid or solar panels

No sewage needs* - includes Swedish-made Seperett composting toilet (see our BLOG POST on Composting Toilets)

No oil, gas, or propane needs*


*Note:  Both traditional toilets and gas-ready systems can be swapped for the standards above.

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