This kit is ideal for anyone needing some extra space for something special.  Whether it's for a backyard office, an art studio, or just a place of your own to relax: pick a size, some options for finishes, and call a friend over to help you put it together.  Typical assembly time between 2-3 weekends, depending on the finish selections.

Four Finish Options


Framing and Sheathing Only


Shell + 3' Single Door + Overhead Window + Composite Wood Vertical Siding + Architectural Shingles + Drywall Interior


Shell + 6' Sliding Door + 6' Operable Clerestory Window + Knotty Pine Shiplap Siding + Architectural Shingles + Knotty Pine Interior


Shell + 6' French Doors + 6' Operable Clerestory Window + Cedar Shiplap Siding  + Standing Seam Metal Roofing + Cedar Interior

12' X 10' 

Shell:  $1,960

Comfort:  $3,930

Classic:  $5,580

Luxe:  $12,220

8' X 6'

Shell:  $1,340

Comfort:  $2,590

Classic:  $3,960

Luxe:  $8,550

10' X 8' 

Shell:  $1,590

Comfort:  $3,060

Classic:  $4,690

Luxe:  $10,280

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Please note:  Because foundations and decks are best designed and built to fit your building site, they are not included in Homebuilt kits.  However, we would be more than happy to help you pick the best options for each of these, based on your needs and site.


While it's up to you what aspects of your project you get from Homebuilt and when you get it, the complete kit includes everything above the foundation that isn't easily removed.

Framing & Sheathing

Windows & Doors

Roofing & Waterproofing

Siding and Trim


Interior Finishes

cabana:  How can I buy or learn more?

The Cabana is currently only available on the East Coast.  If you would like to purchase, learn more, or get notified of future availability in your area, please:

We'll promptly contact you to answer your questions and discuss options, pricing, and shipping costs to your area.