We founded the company on four principals:  People can and want to do things for themselves and their neighbors; they simply need the means to do so.  Doing things for ourselves and our neighbors makes us at once proud and humble, independent and neighborly.  Making something of quality that will outlive you by generations is a way that we can all have a positive impact on people we’ll never get the chance to meet.  And finally, helping others is more important than helping ourselves.

Homebuilt and its local fabrication partners use a technology called Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Fabrication.  Basically, it's a robot, with a cutting arm, connected to a computer model of the building design.  This assures an awe-inspiring level of precision (1/1000") leading to an extremely high quality building.

Perhaps more importantly, these robots enable the integration of LUMBER LOCK connections between components that make the kit extremely easy for nearly anyone to build.  Think of it like an adult-sized version of the snap-together building toys you played with as a kid, only this time you move in, not just your dolls and action figures!