Our Mission

Enable just about anyone, regardless of prior experience, to build a home.


The Product

At it’s most basic, knowledge sharing.  Also, a kit – every component needed to build a high-quality home or modify an existing one, including easy instructions and information, all engineered so you can build without any prior experience.



Lizzie Rothwell is a Registered Architect and has been working on affordable, high-performance residential design since 2008. She led the engineering and development of the original line of home designs at Blu Homes, Inc., and has designed energy efficient urban townhouses with Interface Studio Architects in Philadelphia, PA. She holds a BA from Swarthmore College and a MArch from the University of Michigan. She currently lives in Philadelphia, PA with her husband John and son Luke.




Dennis Michaud lives in Groton, Mass. with his wife Sarah and their two daughters Eve and Thea.  Before HOMEBUILT, Dennis co-founded Blu Homes, Inc., and held a post at MIT co-directing architects, engineers, and computer scientists in the creation of the first full-sized, robot-fabricated house, exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in NYC.  He is a graduate of Trinity College and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.